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PARALEL COFFEE was started by 2 people from our own living room and a 100g roaster. We never thought of selling coffee worldwide. The 100g roaster is only used for our own personal use to have freshly roasted coffee and high-quality coffee. One day our curiosity strikes in, we tried to source different coffee from local farmers in Indonesia to find different tastes in coffee. From there we learned that high-quality coffee is possible to be sourced but the practice takes time and devotion. Being surrounded by coffee enthusiasts, we share our roasted coffee with close friends only. We started to take small orders from friends and build a brand called PARALEL COFFEE.

The idea of PARALEL COFFEE is Farmers, Roasters, and Coffee enthusiasts able to have HIGH-QUALITY coffee. Whether you are producers, roasters, or brewers, the coffee will reflect the hard work sync in harmony with the hands of experts. The Coffee beans have to be nurtured from seeds until how it is brewed to bring the best out of it in someone's cup. 


PARALEL COFFEE sources coffee from all over Indonesia to find the best coffee beans. Indonesia is an archipelago located on the coffee belt. The coffee belt is where lands with the perfect climate to grow coffee trees. Indonesia have around 400 mountains scattered around Indonesia, this is why Indonesia has a big potential in growing coffee beans.

PARALEL COFFEE sells roasted beans domestically and internationally, we also grade our beans before it is chosen to be sold. We also starting to export our roasted and green coffee beans outside Indonesia to expose high-quality Indonesian coffee to the international market.



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