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How we choose our coffee

We don't just pick any coffee beans to be served to our customers, it will go through stages of quality control inside our coffee lab. We source the coffee beans through our trusted farmers. Beans will the continue into sampling process. Then we roast the beans into different profiles to find out the best of the beans. The final stage would be cupping to find out how the coffee taste. Finally, we would decide if the beans would be able to be served to our customer or it would need improvements.


Sourcing the coffee

We get connected to farmers through any source we could find. We prefer direct trade from farmers in order to maintain sustainability and therefore we could increase their living standards. We gather information from the farmers on where the coffee is grown, how high it is from sea level, what species are they planting and many more. This information would help us to further evaluate and see if it is up to our standards. If the coffee fits our specification we will continue to the next step which is Sampling the beans.


We take a 1-kilogram sample for inspection and grading. Beans will be inspected using numerous parameters and guidelines done by a professional Q grader. Selected batches/lot will go to our roasting center to be roasted in the sample roaster.


Sample roast

We roast the beans into many different profiles in order to brings out and find the best out of the beans. Different profiles might brings out different flavour from the beans. If the beans meet our standards, roasted coffee beans will go to cupping process.


Cupping roasted coffee are evaluated by our senses of smelling and taste. We determine what flavour comes out from the roasted coffee beans after brewed. Coffee will be given a score and if the coffee meet our standard, coffee will be served to our customers to be enjoyed.

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