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Journey from seeds to cup


QUALITY is the highest priority

Specialty coffee is a term for the highest quality of coffee. Dedication, devotion, experience, and skills are a few of the many elements needed to produce a cup of quality.

Farmers are needed to maintain, perfect, and nurse the coffee trees to produce high-quality coffee cherries.  They will need to connect with a green coffee buyer who is experienced in their fields to determine high-quality coffee. Green coffee is then transferred into the hands of coffee roasters who have a high degree of knowledge to roast the coffee to its perfection and bring the best out of the coffee beans.

The coffee beans are now ready to reach the retails, 3 levels of inspection have been passed. Barista will need a handful of experience, skills, and knowledge to reveal the best out of the coffee through brewing.


Hot Coffee
The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the world's greatest inventions

- Hugh Jackman -

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The Beans


PARALEL is dedicated to always source only the best coffee. High quality coffee is not easy to sourced. We source our coffee from farmers, green coffee buyer and many more. Especially in Indonesia we have direct trade from the farmers in order to maintain sustainability. Paralel also sourced coffee from outside Indonesia. We imported coffee from around the globe to give the customer the best experience in tasting different high quality coffee.

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